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about me:

name: shawn wall
age: 31
home: pittsburgh, pa
occupation: software engineer

history of shawnwall.com

back in 2000, when weblogs were still in their infancy on the web, i decided to create one myself. now remember, there weren't tools like blogger and blogspot at that time, so people who ran blogs actually knew a thing or two about web application development. the site started out as a forum for random link postings and such, and then grew into a personal diary, sharing my life with others, which was something new to the web back then, and weblogs blossomed and then transformed into what they are today. i got to witness the web itself morph into a complete mess, blogs getting filled by spam, and the sheer number of blogs has made the genre uninteresting, except for a select few dedicated individuals who can actually make their lives off a weblog. as for me, i pretty much abandoned the site for 2 years or more, and now am considering making a post here and there again. we'll see what happens.


primarily photography, cycling, and interior design.

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